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Newsletters from Jens Hansen The RIngmaker's workshop in Nelson, New Zealand

General Price Increase January 1st 2021

2020 has been a very volatile years for us all worldwide and this has increased the price of gold and also the New Zealand to US dollar exchange ra...

Sapphires in September

September 2010
Sapphires are the birthstone for people born in September. As one of the hardest wearing gemstones, they are great for everyday wear - and make the perfect gift for the practical Virgo.

Peridot - the Evening Emerald

August 2010
Peridot - the Evening Emerald The ancient Romans were one of the first to fall in love with the Peridot's radiant shine, which always remains the same, even in artificial light. For that reason they nicknamed it the 'Emerald of the Evening.'

July's Ruby - the King of Gemstones

July 2010
July's Ruby - the King of Gemstones The Ruby is known as the King of Gemstones as it has been revered by aristocracy throughout time.

Pearly Pearls - Very Contemporary Pearls

June 2010

Pearly Pearls - Very Contemporary Pearls - the birth gem of June - have captured our hearts and souls for thousands of years with their purity, elegance and beauty. Nowadays the modern pearls are being placed in very contemporary designs, as you will see from the pieces featured here.

40th Anniversary Collection

The Jens Hansen 40th Anniversary Collection marks four decades of timeless design.  For more about our History click here. The Collection is a ...