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Peridot - the Evening Emerald

August 2010
Peridot - the Evening Emerald

The ancient Romans were one of the first to fall in love with the Peridot's radiant shine, which always remains the same, even in artificial light. For that reason they nicknamed it the 'Emerald of the Evening.'

The rich, green colour of the peridot is created by very fine traces of iron. The intensity of the colour depends on the amount of iron actually present.

Peridot is not a particularly hard stone but it is easy to look after and fairly sturdy.  We love it - and so do those whose birthday is in August as it is their birthstone.



Weta Workshop One Ring 

Just to let you Lord of the Rings fans know that Weta is now offering an 18ct Lord of the Rings One Ring, with or without the elvish inscription.

When bought through Weta, this replica One Ring comes with the sterling silver chain as worn by Frodo in the movie. We are making this particular One Ring for Weta, so it comes with our hallmark as well as the hallmarks of Weta and New Line Cinema, and a signed authenticity certificate.

Meanwhile, you can still get the authentic and original hallmarked Movie Ring from us, without the elvish inscription, in a variety of yellow and white golds, platinum and sterling silver.

Have a look at Weta's One Ring at




pink sapphire and ruby encrusted ring

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