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The following are more than 100 real and unsolicited customer testimonials.  They were sent to us directly by email and have been edited where necessary only to remove personal information.

"Hi: I just wanted to add my comments to the testimonial page. My husband and I got married last October and after searching for something special, I came upon this site and got him The Ring. It is simple but so beautiful and special, he loves it and we love telling the story of this amazing ring that came all the way from New Zealand to us in California. Thank you again Claire Day, who helped me every step of the way - and to Halfdan who made it and the engravers who added another special personal touch. You all will always be special to me. LoveMary N., USA
"Just received my "one ring" this afternoon and WOW! It's very nice. The color is much richer, the weight and size much nicer then the other replicas I have seen and handled.
A nice piece of work, thank you.Sincerely, Sandy A., USA"
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Jens Hansen 'One Ring' via international mail today. Let me just say that the craftsmanship on the ring is excellent. I am thoroughly satisfied with your product. It's definitely a unique item in my neighborhood. Good day to you all.Robert F., MD, USA."
"I just wanted to let you know that my One Ring and chain just arrived safely.
They are even more beautiful than I imagined from the picture. The One Ring is exquisite. Its artistry and craftsmanship are stunning. The chain is absolutely remarkable, not ordinary in any sense whatsoever.
I shall treasure them both for a lifetime.
I am so excited that you actually sell copies of your design of the One Ring; I was very disappointed with the "licensed" dealers that sell at high prices rings that don't even look like the original. Thank you so much for making the One Ring available to us fans. It makes Tolkein's mythology just that much more tangible.Cary R. Texas, USA"
"Both arrived safely. Thank you sooooo much - so bright! so beautiful! ............. aaaaah, Preciousssss.Lyn P.,USA"
I just received my One Ring and wanted to thank you for this opportunity to order the One Ring from you, the original designers and makers. I had already bought an "authentic" One Ring with the elvish inscription, but it just didn't feel right. With the One Ring I received today from you, I still can't believe how beautiful it is, my precious.
Thank you. Sam H., Finland"

"Just to let you know that I received the ONE RING and chain yesterday and I am very pleased to say the least! The RING is exquisite in its simplicity and it must give you a great deal of satisfaction to create such a thing of beauty. It has a lovely weight to it and fits like a glove - I can hardly take my eyes off it - not good when you're a bus driver! So hats off to you and all those involved in making "My Precious"; which I will cherish for the rest of my life.
I must also tell/reassure you that I will NEVER have your Ring engraved with the Elvish script. I do not believe that anyone could do a good enough job on it and more to the point it would ruin your crafting of the ring and its originality/authenticity.Patrick S., Canada."
"Thank-you so much Mr. Hansen, for your prompt replies and ever-helpful assistance! I will certainly keep you in mind for recommendations to NZ friends and family and with my own future dealings with jewellery.Sincerely, Jennie D."
"My fiancée found the ring very beautiful, and I am happy about my choice.
I am very pleased with the amount of service you offer, and I have certainly not made my last trade with you.
PS. Gosh, it really is a beautiful ringNiklas, Denmark"
"I think you did an absolutely lovely job in creating this Ring. It is amazingly beautiful, and the design you created is just as I envisioned it when I first read the books.Bridget C."
"I received my order today. I am very happy with the ring. I am planning on giving it to my fiancé on Valentine's Day. He will be quite surprised and pleased. Thank you for your help in ordering the perfect ring. Maybe someday we can visit New Zealand and we will stop in to say hello. Sincerely, Melodie, USA"
"I have been meaning to drop a line for a little while since receiving my 'One Ring'. I would like to say that I was very impressed with my ring, I didn't expect it to be so very well made, but I suppose that is because the ring used in the Lord of the Rings has set a high standard you have obviously wished to maintain!!!!Aaron M., England"
"Hi, I wanted to let you know that I received my One Ring today. The ring is BEAUTIFUL! The craftsmanship is exquisite; I have not seen anything so well made and heavy in a very long time. I wanted to thank you very much, I plan to wear the ring as my wedding band now, it is so much more beautiful than my current band, and I plan to purchase one for my husband to wear as well... I love my ring, it is heavy and wonderful! Again thank you.Mehrunissa O.,MD, USA."
"Hi We got married today and the rings are perfect. We love them and keep looking at them! Thanks againLeo and Jessica, England"
"The 'precious' is gorgeous, i've never had the honour of owning a ring of such wonderful craftsmanship. My sincere thanks for it's forging ;), thanks for such a beautiful and 'precious' ring.Grant M., Australia, Happy Owner of the 'precious'"
"Greetings again Thorkild and team, just reporting in that the ring arrived safely yesterday and it certainly does look fantastic! I will happily tell everyone who admires it from whence it came….
Thanks againJennie, Wellington, NZ"
"Just a note to say I received the necklace and ring, and I am absolutely thrilled. They are beautiful and very well made - a huge thank you. Will definitely use you again should I need something special made up. Many many thanks ShonaShona R., UK
"Thank you very much for your assistance - I am very pleased with the service you have provided and will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues,
 Thanks again, Mark, Kent, UK"
"I'm so happy you decided to make the ring and chain available. I hated that the "official" version was engraved, and I'm much more comfortable making a purchase from a reputable jeweler.
To be honest, I think the chain is as important as the ring -- it was also prominently featured in the films, and the size and dimension of its links are very distinctive.
Thanks again, and I look forward to receiving the ring -- it will make someone very happy this Christmas.*** Marti G., CA, USA."
"Airborne Express just left. The ring and chain together are exquisite - elegant simplicity. Thank you so much.Connie B., AZ, USA"
"Thank you, I'm so excited about this ring. It's very beautiful looking. My future husband is a Tolkien fan and we love the movies. For us, it symbolizes the struggle of good over evil (even though the analogy breaks down a little bit since the ring is supposed to be evil - but we'll ignore that part). I really didn't like the shape of and/or the engraving on the rings that are available on the market. I was also a little concerned that people would think we were silly if he had a ring with the "Elivish" engraving on it. So this ring, with its beautiful shape and no engraving, is a perfect way to go. We don't have to advertise the symbolism and the ring is so classy looking, like a fine piece of jewelry should be. I'm glad I found out about you. I hope you have a very good day. Thank you! Nesa O., CA, USA."
"Thanks again for everything - I know the girls will "go crazy" over their rings. Loren P. Newport, RI, USA"
"I purchased a One Ring from you a few months ago. Thank you so much for that and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the ring.-Josh L., San Francisco, California.
" the ring arrived safely this morning and looks fantastic - very happy with what you have done. Thanks for your help.Regards, Claire, Wellington, NZ".
"I received the ring in plenty of time for the wedding, and it goes far beyond any of my expectations. Your workmanship is truly exceptional! I look forward to the next time I can have you do some work for me. Thanks so much for the great service and quality and for helping to make our wedding such a special day.Best regards – Bill, Ohio, USA"
"Thanks to you for meeting with us on Saturday. We were both very impressed with the professionalism of your service and ability to help
Kiri to find what she liked.
ThanksTony W., Wellington, NZ"
"I just e-mail you this morning about a ring that I ordered and I wanted to let you know that it just arrived today. It is fantastic! I am so glad that I purchased this quality ring. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.
Sincerely,David W., Texas, USA"
"It's great! We both love it. It's so great to have finally found the perfect ring. We've been looking since last August. Now two sisters in the family have rings from the house of Jens Hansen. Cool, eh?
Thanks a lot,Renae S., Auckland, NZ"
"I received the ring today. It is as beautiful as I remembered. Thank you.Marilyn R., Los Angeles, CA"

 "Thought I'd pass along a few comments about the ring. It's quite impressive--very substantial, and polished to a near-mirror finish. It looks and feels just right (as, I suppose, it should!). Anyway, I'm very pleased, and the people who have seen it are likewise awed by it. Wonderful work!Best, Peter K."
"hello I received my ring yesterday and i would like to thank you sooo much the ring itself is extremely well made and I love everything about my real One Ring thank you so very muchChris H., Australia"
"My One Ring arrived safely today and I'm absolutely delighted with it. The weight and feel of the ring makes a lasting impression; exactly as one would wish for considering the importance of the ring in the film trilogy.Regards Richard, England"
"Hi Halfdan,
Thanks for your reply. I wanted to tell you that the ring arrived today.
It is a beautiful band and was well worth waiting for, especially
considering the significance of the maker.
I appreciate your communications and hope to visit your country some day.
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.Sincerely, Michael"
"OH My Goodness,
The ring is absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Thank you all so much!
I am completely satisfied, and never expected it to be as wonderful as it is! The width and weight are way more than I thought it would be!
I am in a state of awww right now!
Once again, thank you all SO very much, it is a wonder piece of art! The ring is one of the best investments I have made in all of the monies I have spent for this wedding!
THANK YOU!!!Betty J."
"Thank you very much for taking the time to e-mail the shipping number to me. I'm very grateful for how you handle your e-mails on a personal basis. I've ordered from other companies on the internet before and all would give automated responses to e-mails I sent them. It is refreshing to see you personally taking time to write back. Thank you very much for your services..
 Many thanks againJean K., Belfast, UK
I am still grateful for the personal touch! And I am looking forward to becoming part of this group. My first choice for a One Ring was always your original and I'm happy in the thought that I shall be getting exactly what I want from the film. Rest assured whenever I watch The Lord of the Rings I shall think of you and your "small shop" full of people working away keeping the business. I hope you and the rest keep up the good work.
"I received my One Ring from your company today and I'm writing now to tell you how pleased I am with it. I knew you were a company who took great pride in your work so I was expecting a great product but I was amazed at when i actually saw the ring. It was better looking than I had hoped it would be and tremendous value considering its weight. The polish on it is superb also. Thank you for your time spent replying to my e-mails and generally helping to put my mind at rest while I waited. I am delighted with the product. Once again thank you very much. Jean K."
I've been meaning to send an e-mail to say thanks to you both since receiving my ring.
So exciting when the courier arrived, we nearly missed him, but after running up the stairs I managed to catch him.
All nerves opening the box. When I finally put it on that morning, well Don put it on my finger it seemed too magnificent to wear! I definitely wasn't use to wearing something so beautiful on my finger…Justine & Don M., Christchurch, NZ."
"I am late in writing to you, but I wanted to e-mail you to let you know how extremely pleased we are with The One Ring we ordered from you in late August. It arrived quickly and it was more beautiful than the lovely pictures on your web site. All of our friends are impressed with it, too. It is polished beautifully and is very heavy. My husband is not one to carry on about jewelry, but I he really enjoys wearing it. Thank you again for making such a nice product.Nesa A., CA, USA."
Hi to Halfdan and Thorkild,
I've been meaning to send an e-mail to say thanks to you both since receiving my ring.
After all your patience and help we decided on the 9ct white gold, tapered, with the oval olive coloured sapphire.
So exciting when the courier arrived, we nearly missed him, but after running up the stairs I managed to catch him.
All nerves opening the box. When I finally put it on that morning, well Don put it on my finger it seemed too magnificent to wear! I definitely wasn't use to wearing something so beautiful on my finger.
 Anyway just wanted to say thanks.
Kind regardsJustine & Don Merrylees, Chch, New Zealand
G'Day Halfdan,
Just a short line to let you know that the One Ring arrived here today, much to my delight, and to thank
you for continuing on your father's dream in allowing others to share in the magic that is The Lord of the
Yours truly,Ryan D., Australia
I have received the ring and chain today. They are awesome, thank you so much!
Take careChristian P., Germany
Thank you very much for your response to all my e-mails. You guys have an excellent customer service department, which shows that you care about your customers very much. Many other companies seem to ignore their customers whenever they have a question about an order, but you guys are quick to respond.
This kind of response is one reason that people keep coming back to you.
Thanks again,Shane H., AR, USA
Hi Mr. Halfdan,
I received my Ring the other day, and it is better than I could have imagined. The luster on it is like
looking into a mirror. …
Thanks,Shane H.
Hi Halfdan -
The rings arrived this afternoon - sizes are perfect - thanks for that. I also wanted to thank you for being so efficient, helpful and incredibly patient - producing the most beautiful rings. Today when I opened the box and saw the ring - what was a very nice and beautifully made ring, was transformed into an extraordinarily beautiful and stylish ring - I love it!! Having the brushed finish is just gorgeous - what a stunning sight.
So, again, many thanks -
Regards,Susie, AKL, New Zealand
 Hi Halfdan,
Rings arrived ok this morning. Susie is at work and hasn't seen yet. Both designs look fantastic to me….Jefferson, AKL, New Zealand
OH MY! this is beautiful! and HEAVY!!!
It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. I'm really grateful for your wonderful service and
Please keep me on your mailing list and I've "bookmarked" your site so that I can keep
in contact. I hope, one day, to come to New Zealand to visit distant relatives that I found
a few years ago. I'd love to have a tour of your facility if that would be possible?
Blessings, and Wishes for a wonderfully Joyous Holiday Season!Ron C., CO, USA
Hi, the "One Ring" replica that I ordered from you arrived today. Beautiful work. Simply amazing. ….
Many thanks, I received it this morning. I don't think that you'll have to worry about not being as big as Amazon for too much longer after seeing the quality of the ring, I'm sure you'll be inundated with orders after the final film has had its worldwide release.
Thanks again
Hello, Thank you for your fast shipping, …! The Ring is beautiful work and also the chain!
Greetings from Germany Maria
Hi Halfdan
Thanks for the ring …. I really like it and have had heaps of positive comments on it!
Cheers Liz.
Hi Halfdan,
I got the ring - looks perfect. Thanks very much.Tony
Dear Halfdan,
I just wanted to let you know, that our rings arrived yesterday! Everything is just fine, and they look and fit beautifully! Actually, I'm wearing my pink one right now (haha).
Anyway, I would like to thank you again for everything and want to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Regards,Mila M., Düsseldorf, Germany
Dear Halfdan
I was watching the Lord of the Rings over and over while waiting and imagining how the ring will look when I received the ring. Today I've just received the One Ring. It looks exactly the same as the one I dreamt. What a high quality artwork, and how gorgeous! Thank you so much for Jens Hansen's work!
Best regardsEva L., Hong Kong
Received the rings yesterday and my wife is really delighted with it…
Once again, thanks for everything and will definitely refer your great shop to all my friends.
Regards.Wesley F., Singapore
Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to inform you that the ordered ring has arrived on Saturday. He (sic)… looks terrific! Thank you very much. Yours sincerely Isabel C., -Germany-

Dear Halfdan,
We received our rings last week and are thrilled with them. We couldn't have asked for a more special engagement and wedding set. It was a perfect time to receive them just before Christmas.
Many thanks again to you all at Jens Hansen and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.Matthew & Carolyn. London, England.
Hi Halfdan,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order a couple of days before xmas, and my girlfriend is over the moon with it….many thanks, and best wishes for the New Year.Regards, Paul.
Hello Halfdan,
thank you so much for all your help with regards to the delivery of my ring order and secondly, thank you so much for the wonderful ring and chain...the quality was exemplary and shined with girlfriend was in ecstasy when I proposed to her with the ring!!! ThanX again.Ciarán O'Keeffe, Liverpool, England
Dear Halfdan,
I just wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying my new piece of jewellery, and to thank you for your wonderful help last week. It is truly the nicest thing I've ever worn. Without your guidance I don't think I would of even tried it on. …
I hope all is well in beautiful Nelson today.
Hi guys
Ring arrived in Gisborne yesterday and I love it! Thank you so much for all your work. I love its sheer size and chunkiness. The weight of it is georgeous … once again, I just adore it.Regards Hayley B., NZ
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you very much for the wonderful Ring and Chain. It was a special gift for my wife of 27 years. She is very pleased to receive it, and frankly I'm feeling quite proud of purchasing it for her from your establishment.
The Ring and Chain look beautiful on her, and she can't wait to wear it for all her friends to see.
Thanks very much again for getting such a striking present to her through me in such short order.
Sincerely,Mike P., Maryland USA
Thank you so much for the "One Ring". The ring and the chain are absolutely superb. You worksmanship is supreme. I have never seen anything so simply perfect. They are dazzling works of art, that I will proudly wear for as long as I live. I will recommend your work to everyone I know. Thank you again for this divine work! Sherry K :)
Dear Mr. Hansen, the "one Ring" arrived on thusday the 20th. Thank you for the protective package. Sure you are accustomed to emails in which your work and the great design of the ring are praised. But even if you get bored I have to join in the chorus of praise. I can't find the right words to describe my pleasure and satisfaction that I now own this unique ring and the craftsmanship of your workshop and the excellent, genuine design. I feel a little bit like "Bilbo" as he must give up the ring, because I am working as a nurse I'm not able to wear the ring all the time (what would be my desire) and it aches when I have to take it off my finger and leave it behind in my apartment. For me this ring shows the devotion to your handicraft together with skill and art. I also want to thank you for the smooth purchase and transaction. It has been a great pleasure to me to do business with you. And I will esteem the ring and your work highly my lifetime long. With king regards and the best wishes for you, your family and your workshop Judith S., Germany
Dear Mr. Hansen!!! Yesterday I've received my One Ring. It's piece of perfect work and you can't compare it with the normal fan-article rings. I got the One Ring in 4 days-that's incredibly fast!!!!!!-THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!!!-Alexander Z. from Germany
Hi there,
I just wanted to tell you that my One Ring arrived today and that it really was worth waiting for. Thank youPaul
Thank you for my lovely ring which arrived here in London this week. It is beautiful and when I wear it, it will always remind me of a lovely sunny day in pretty Nelson. Thanks again Kind regards Stacey M.
Just thought I would let you know that the ring and chain arrived. … Thanks so much as I know I will enjoy my "precious" forever. It is very beautiful and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Thanks again,Ronald "Frodo" B. IA, USA
To whom it may concern:
Through some stroke of providence I have stumbled on your GREAT website to find that I can purchase the ONE RING from the makers themselves. I simply cannot express to you my excitement.
Just yesterday I was explaining to my fiancé that having the one ring as our wedding rings would be such a wonderful blessing. I truly appreciate the exquisite design of this ring. But she had been hoping for a white gold or platinum wedding ring. Now we can both be happy, as you offer the ONE RING in BOTH!
As if this wasn't enough, I had been looking for the proper chain that Frodo had carried the One Ring on in the movie as it complimented the Ring as much as your design itself has. Low and behold; you offer the chain as well!
…. Your help is most appreciated.
Sincerely,Alexi C., Greece
Dear sir,
 I wanted you to know I received my One Ring this afternoon. I am absolutely 100% happy with the ring! It is very beautiful. It will truly be a treasured possession of mine until the day I die. Thank you very much and have a blessed day!-James C., PA, USA.
… And one more thing, that ring you made for the film is pure eye candy! I have to say, it is truly THE ONE RING! It is different from any other ring I've seen, honestly. I just wonder how you did it. I haven't even received the ring, yet I'm still admiring it! You guys are pure geniuses. If you can, please put this message on your website. --THANK YOU.Asad H., VA, USA
Thank you for your great service. We received our order today. We are so very impressed with it and pleased to have such great workmanship.Bill M., Canada
Just to say that my silver bangle arrived safely yesterday. It is really lovely and I shall treasure it.
Many thanks for your efficient service.
Kind regardsJane S., Exter, England
Dear Halfdan,
Just a quick note to say that both orders have now arrived. May I also take this opportunity to say that I have never seen such stunning jewellery. All three items are absolutely beautiful.
Thank you very much.
Regards,Zoe B., England
Hello Halfdan,
The rings have arrived today! Great items I am very happy about them! Awesome!
I wish you all the best
RegardsCarsten, Germany
To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to write and say thank you for my lovely sterling silver ring (LOTR) I am absolutely delighted with it and the chain does compliment it beautifully. I will treasure it always.
Kind regardsC Miller, NZ
I received my #SJW249/62 Silver Lord of the Rings Ring and it is better than I had even imagined. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to create a beautiful piece of art as the One Ring is.
Best RegardsEric D.
Dear Halfdan,
I'm just letting you know that my ring arrived here safely in England the other day and I'd like to thank you for all your help over the last couple of weeks!
I'm chuffed to bits with it and its every bit as beautiful as it is in the film, I'm really glad I came to you guys directly for it. I also own one of the engraved licensed models, but you are right in what you say in your FAQ, the One Ring I received from you is far prettier and more elegant than those new line have licensed, I'd recommend yours over the others any day of the week!
Once again thanks again, and thanks to everyone in the workshop for allowing me to feel privileged enough to own the 'real' one ring. All the best for the future!Regards Adam, London, England
Just wanted to let you guys know I received the two rings today, they are both beautiful, as expected. Thanks for getting them made so quickly, too. So have you gotten a surge in orders since "The Return of the King" won Best Picture? Well, please congratulate Peter Jackson for me if he comes in to your store! ;)
Thanks again,Edison, NY, USA
My ring arrived last Thurs. safe and sound, and very handsome. I have been very busy with 12 hr. workdays so I haven't had the chance to email you with my thanks until now. I might have to get the one in silver to compliment it now!
Thank you so much for the care, attention, and workmanship that went into it.Ian Ayers
Dear Halfdan,
Just returned from a trip out of town and found my two rings waiting for me. What a lovely surprise! They are both beautiful and the aqua shade is just perfect. Thanks so much for making them for me.
Thanks again for everything. Hope to see you again soon.
Sincerely,Bev B. USA
This is a quick note to thank you for the safe delivery of my two new rings. They arrived the day following my phonecall to enquire as to their whereabouts - but thank you anyway for the follow up phone message.
Needless to say they are stunning and have received many compliments from colleagues. The hermatite ring in particular is proving a successful purchase as very versatile.
Thank you very much for your services.
Best regards,Cathy H.,
Dear Jens Hansen Crew!
Cesera and I would like to thank you for our beautiful rings! We've had a lot of compliments! They were definitely worth the wait! They have exceeded our expectations. …
Thank you again for your time and workmanship!Melbourne, Australia
Dear Mr. Halfdan,
I already received the ring and necklace today. The
ring is so beautiful:) that i would tell everyone when they ask, and once again thank you. Hope next time i got enough money to buy the 18ct one ring:). thank you from,Victor Malaysia
Hi again,
Just wanted to know, i have received my order and am EXTREMELY pleased with it, right down to the presentation box (which my dad loves as he is a carpenter).
I will be recommending you to friends and family (even people i bump into in the street! lol)UK
Dear Halfdan,
The Ring arrived today by DHL. It is beautiful! The ruby is perfect.
I will write you a proper letter of appreciation soon, but I wanted immediately to report the safe arrival of the ring.Regards. Russell, New York
It's beautiful! It's exactly what I wanted!
I can hardly wait until I get it!
Thank you soooo much!!!Ron, CO, USA
Hi, Halfdan -
I wanted to let you know I received my chain yesterday at work. It's beautiful, and I can't believe how fast this one made it to the States! Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. Maybe I can save my pennies and buy The One ring someday.
Thanks again for all your help.
Take care,Judy OR, USA
Dear Halfdan:
I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my "one ring" today and it is absolutely wonderful! It is very heavy and feels twice the
weight of other 18K gold pieces I own. I am very impressed with your work and your service. I buy a lot of handcrafted jewelry and I intend to keep you on my preferred list of craftsmen, so you will definitely be hearing from me again!
Thanks so much,Carla C., USA
Received pendant this morning.......BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sending it DHL. It definitely will travel with me to Europe, I love it! Gratefully, Kris N., USA
I just wanted to thank you for the exquisite work that you guys did on my "one ring." It is absolutely beautiful and your work has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you very much.-Eric M, USA
Just received my ring and yes "it is the one ring". Better craftsmanship cannot be found. Thanks from Oklahoma, USA......HAL
We received our order for the One Ring today. Thank you for your prompt
service. The ring is very nice and I'm sure my son will like it.Regards Val H., Australia
Hello, my name is Toby I have just received my ring that you made. It was the 9ct gold one ring, it has just arrived today and I am very pleased with it. It is a perfect and comfortable fit! I love it! I am just sending this to say thanks!Toby McLurg, UK.
The Ring arrived yesterday. I am not surprised that anybody never
returned a Ring. It is perfect. It is a very good job and I am really satisfied. Thank you very much.Jose M. C., Spain
Hi Halfdan,
Sorry... about 4 hours after writing my first message, DHL knocked on my door and delivered my order. Many thanks, the ring is an absolute beauty!!!
My wife and I love the ring design so much, we are thinking about replacing our wedding bands and having a re-affirmation ceremony of our vows. May be placing another order soon!Regards, Graham, Canada
The silver "Smobban" bangle arrived in the post yesterday, and I just wanted to say how beautiful it is, and also to thank you again for your speedy and attentive service! This is the third Jens Hansen "Smobban" I have bought ( one was taken to the States as a christening gift in 2001, the other I wear myself every day, and feel quite naked without!!!) and they have all been a great source of pleasure. I'm quite sure the recipient of this one, ( Lara, currently 8 months old!) will treasure hers too !
Many thanks again and best wishes...Rachel H., Australia
Dear Halfdan
Sue got a card off DHL to say that we had to go to Liverpool depot to pick up the rings, a 40 mile round trip in rush hour after work! She was over the moon when she put them on. Thought u might want to see the result so I have included a pic. Thanks very much Halfdan, as well as being a marvelous ring it is a very poignant reminder of our holiday and of meeting wishes, Keith and Sue, UK
We received my ring today.
It is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!
We were hoping it'd be nice, but this is beyond all expectations. It is so beautifully shaped and finished, and unbelievably HEAVY. I just cannot adequately express how happy we are with the ring. Everything is even better than you described.
The chain is also fantastic. When we first started discussing jewelry, I explained how much I like simple, classical-elegance, and both the rind and the necklace meet those criteria perfectly. I could go on and on singing your praises, but you already know all this… Thank you… Thank you…. Thank you…..
Thank you again! Our never-ending compliments and gratitude to you and your team.
Sincerely,Cole & Casey, Texas, USA
Just to confirm that I've received the ring. It is even better than what I expected !
When I can afford it, I'll buy me the gold one.
Just one thing: When I put it on my finger, people can still see me... (I'm kinding ;-)
With best regards from France,Fabrice
I received the ring today. I was pleased very much in the ring.
Thank you for everything !
I left you very positive feedback.
Regards,Kouji Y., Japan
I got the ring and I love it! It was worth the wait. … Thanks for all of your help and I will stop by and order something next year when I visit again.Sincerely, Denise J.
I received the ring and chain this morning and I really have been bluffed by the beauty and simplicity of these both items. I can make myself an idea what the solid gold ring would look like.
Thank you for making such beautiful objects, and I'll certainly come back to your online-shopServais N. ,France
Dear Halfdan,
I'm pleased to tell you the ring arrived safely today
- one day before I needed it;) - it's beautiful and will be a very special gift for my Goddaughter who's a true Tolkien fan.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company.Kærlig hilsen, Denmark
Dear Sir,
The 14ct One Ring which I ordered has today been delivered to me here in Wales, UK.
It is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and I am totally delighted with it.
… Many thanks and well done on producing such marvelous jewellery.Maugan T., Wales, UK
Many thanks - this arrived safely last week … - It is lovely and we are delighted with it - beautifully made and presented in such an unusual box - thank you very much!
Best wishes, Rosemary N.
Mr. Halfdan,
I just received my wife's "One Ring" in record time (I might add) and thank you for the rush job. I will have more than enough time to give it to my wife for our anniversary. The quality is the best I have seen. My wife's 18kt ring I gave her a few years ago pales in comparison. The gold is twice that of any 18kt ring available. Besides the fact that it is the actual "One Ring" your quality and workmanship is just outstanding. Thanks again from a very happy customer....HAL A., Oklahoma
My ring has arrived and I just wanted to say how beautiful it is, a classic example of seemingly simple design at its very best. I shall treasure it always.Robert J., UK
I've been meaning to drop you a line for a while, just to say how happy with my "One Ring" I am. I ordered one identical to the movie version in 18ct gold. I was expecting something pretty special but I was still amazed at how beautiful, and as promised, how faithful a reproduction of the real thing it was. I'm so proud to own it, and to wear it every day. I would tell any fan of the Lord of the Rings films to buy one, its the ultimate "must have".
Regards,Rod W., UK.
Dear Sir,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the ring, last week or the week before, and it is perfect. Sorry for the delay in writing you to tell you this. Very nice work. Thanks a lotGuy, Canada
I received my ring and chain today. Everything I received was excellent. Thank you so much. The ring is much heavier. I will treasure it forever.
Thanks again,Dennis P.