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Ring Options & Commonly Asked Questions About the Replica Ring & The One Ring

Jens Hansen Jens Hansen Weta Jens Hansen Weta Jens Hansen Weta Jens Hansen Weta Jens Hansen

Replica Ring

Replica Ring

The One Ring

The One Ring

The One Ring

The One Ring


Sterling Silver 925

Gold, Platinum

Gold Plated Tungsten

Sterling Silver 925

Yellow Gold (10k)

Yellow Gold (18k)

Movie Accurate Shape
Resizeable +/-1 US size +/-1 US size
Can be replated
Custom Engravable
Finger Sizes Any Any Sizes 6-13  Sizes 7,9,10,11  Sizes 7,9,10,11  Any
Lifespan (daily wear) 10-15 years 25 years+ ≅2 years plating 10-15 years 25 years+ 25 years+
Suitable for Wedding Ring
Officially Licensed
Souvenir Wooden Box
Available with film CGI elvish

Precious Metals To Suit You

On this website, we offer the Jens Hansen Replica Ring in three carat qualities of yellow & white gold, and in platinum & sterling silver. We also make all the licensed official movie merchandise rings created for Weta in sterling silver, 10ct yellow gold and gold-plated tungsten-carbide.

Carats and Parts per Thousand

Precious jewellery metals are typically alloys of a number of metals. Gold quality is measured in carats where by 24 carat corresponds to twenty four 24ths or 100%. Pure gold is generally considered too soft for jewellery making and is alloyed with silver and copper to make the most common alloys:

•   9ct or   9/24ths which contains 37.5% pure gold by weight
• 10ct or 10/24ths which contains 41.7% pure gold by weight
• 14ct or 14/24ths which contains 58.3% pure gold by weight
• 18ct or 18/24ths which contains 75%    pure gold by weight

We use highest grade Platinum 950 which is an alloy of 950/1000 or 95% pure platinum by weight and 5% other alloying materials such as copper.

By definition Sterling Silver is 925/1000 or 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper. 

Yellow gold

The original ring handcrafted for The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ film trilogies was created in 18ct yellow gold, so this is the most authentic and heaviest gold Replica Ring we offer. Its high carat also means it is very precious and hard wearing since higher gold carats do not abrade as easily as lower carats due to pure gold's famous ductility. 

White Gold

We also make the Jens Hansen Replica Ring in  9ct, 14ct and 18ct white golds.  White gold contains the same amount of pure gold as yellow gold, with the addition of precious platinum, to naturally filter most of the natural yellow colour. 


Platinum is the ultimate pure precious white metal - the rarest & hardest wearing. 

Sterling Silver

We also make the Jens Hansen Replica Ring in Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is less expensive than gold, but is not as hard wearing as white gold. 

Gold-Plated Tungsten-Carbide

Tungsten-carbide is a very strong engineering composite formed by sintering powdered tungsten and carbon.  Once initially formed into a ring it can never be resized so it is not suitable as a wedding band. The natural colour of tungsten-carbide is gunmetal grey.  Tungsten-carbide itself is essentially scratch-proof but any layer of gold-plating on the ring can, of course, be worn and scratched over time.  With normal careful wearing we would expect the gold-plating to last for two years before showing significant wear. 

Commonly asked questions about the Ring in the movies

Q: Are your Jens Hansen Replica Rings officially licensed?

A: No they are not. We are the actual and original designers, makers and creators of the 'Movie Ring' used on screen in the movie trilogies that were made here in New Zealand i.e. we made the actual 'Ring' you see in the movies. Our Jens Hansen Replica Rings are not officially licensed merchandise - they are simply faithful replicas of our original Ring design for Peter Jackson, as it appeared on screen.

Q: What about the other rings from various manufacturers that carry this official approval and have a New Line certificate of authenticity?
A: As far as we understand, those manufacturers who have successfully applied for the right to do so from New Line Productions, Inc. may label their ring as an officially approved The One Ring™. Different manufacturers in different countries are doing this right now ‘officially’ but the rings vary significantly between manufacturer in weight, dimensions and design, and do not have the same look, feel and weight of the Movie Ring Jens Hansen created for movies. Please read the independent report on Ring replicas at for more information.


Q. What is the difference between the Jens Hansen Replica Ring and the licensed The One Ring Souvenir you offer on this website?

A: The Jens Hansen Replica Ring is an exact replica in size, weight and form of the Movie Ring that Jens Hansen designed and made for use in The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ trilogies.

The licensed The One Ring™ was created by us exclusively for Weta under their Warner Bros. license. It is available in sterling silver, 10K yellow gold and  gold-plated tungsten carbide ring in the exact form of the Jens Hansen ring that was filmed and features the exclusive One Ring inscription seen in key scenes of the films, and comes with a unique wooden presentation box. 


Q: Does your Jens Hansen Replica Ring have Elvish inscriptions?

A: In the movies the Elvish inscription was added in post-production as computer generated special effects, so the Jens Hansen Replica Ring comes standard without Elvish engraving. In the Tolkien books the inscription only appears on The One Ring in a few special circumstances, so, to be as faithful a reproduction as possible the movie makers asked us not to use any engraving on the ring. The Jens Hansen Replica Ring has the Jens Hansen jeweller’s hallmark and signature on the inside band of the ring, so are not seen when the ring is worn. These hallmarks are the guarantee that your Jens Hansen Replica Ring came from the original designer.

Gandalf held it up. It looked to be made of pure and solid gold.

"Can you see any markings on it'?" he asked.

"No," said Frodo. "There are none. It is quite plain, and it never shows a scratch or sign of wear.

However, for Weta, we made licensed The One Ring Souvenir Rings with Elvish inscriptions and they can be purchased here.

Q: What makes the Jens Hansen Replica Ring so special?

A: It is the only faithful replica in the world; made by the original designers and makers to the exact proportions and pattern as the original used in the movie trilogies. In fact, many of our clients have told us they prefer the plain finish of the Replica Ring precisely because it is exactly how we made it for the movie and because of what they feel is its understated elegance. They know they have the 'real thing'.

Q: What size Jens Hansen ring was used in the movie when we saw it worn on the neck chain?

A: This was a size 11 ring in 18 carat yellow gold. It weighs approximately 17 grams (more than 1/2 oz.), is 2.7mm thick through the band and measures about 7mm tall (just over 1/4 inch) when laid on its side. The gold in the ring came from the leading New Zealand precious metals supplier.

Q: What length was Frodo Baggin's silver neck chain that he wore the ring on in the movie?

A: This was a 65cm long 925 sterling silver chain chosen and supplied by Jens Hansen. You can purchase this chain here

Q: We’re getting married – can we wear the Jens Hansen Replica Ring as a wedding band?

A: Yes. The Replica Ring is popular as a wedding band, as it has a very comfortable profile and a classic elegant look that makes it an ideal wedding band.

Q: My hands haven’t stopped growing yet. Can I get the Replica Ring enlarged in the future?

A: Yes – the Replica Ring can be increased in size quite easily for a small fee by any competent jeweller, as your finger gets bigger.  However, the licensed gold-plated Tungsten-carbide The One Ring can't be sized, due to inflexibility of Tungsten-carbide. 

Q: Did Jens Hansen make any of the other jewellery for the Lord of the Rings films?

A: Yes, we also designed and made the ring described in the Tolkien books and the film trilogy as Vilya™, the Ring of Elrond™.  In September 2004 we recreated this ring for a persistent UK client and were so happy with the result that we started to accept orders for "the ring Hugo Weaving wore" from similarly serious collectors. Please read more by clicking this link 'the other movie ring'.

New Zealander Jasmine Watson designed the majority of the important jewellery pieces for the films. But please note that she doesn’t make replicas of her original designs.