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Riente Diamonds™ - Exclusive in New Zealand to Jens Hansen

Discover the brilliance of our exclusive Riente Diamonds, featuring a 74-facet cut scientifically designed to maximize light performance.

Brilliance and fire create a diamond’s magic. The new Riente Diamonds round brilliant diamond cut has more facets for more brilliance. While a standard round brilliant diamond has 58 facets, this diamond's unique design has 74 light-dispersing facets you can see. This creates infinitely more brilliance and scintillation.  The name Riente comes from the Spanish for "bright, laughing" - an excellent description of their visibly greater fire.

Each Riente Diamond come with an OGI Firetrace® card to demonstrate its excellent light performance.  Jens Hansen is the first  jeweller to offer these patented diamonds in New Zealand.   And, each Riente Diamond is laser inscribed with a unique number that matches its accompanying EGL report.


*Jens Hansen – Gold & Silversmith is the designer and maker of The Movie Ring (the rings made for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies), the ONE Ring(s) (made exclusively for Weta Workshop under their license from Warner Bros.) and The Jens Hansen Replica Ring (the replica rings available from Jens Hansen – Gold & Silversmith). Jens Hansen is not otherwise authorised, endorsed, affiliated or otherwise associated with Tolkein Enterprises, The Saul Zaentz Company (owner of the trade marks LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT and THE ONE RING), New Line Productions or Warner Bros.

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