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Single Sided Custom Laser Engraving

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This service charge covers laser engraving of your custom message on a single side of your ring.  Add this item to your cart and give us your engraving instructions in the Note section of your order when you checkout.

Laser engraving will add 1-2 weeks to the order lead time.

From simple dates and names in english on the inside of a ring to classics such as the elvish love poem engraved on the outside of your ring or even a logo or graphic - most anything you can think of is possible:  

5^È 7x%P 1`N dyN yN6 jr^È= 5^È 7x%P 1`N w2%P iM=
5^È 7x%P 1`N 8`Vj# yN6 jr^È= 2P e7Nr$6V 1`N 1Fpy5%È iM-

One ring to show our love. One ring to bind us.
 One ring to seal our love. And forever to entwine us.  

We can engrave and fit this Elvish Love Poem as one line on the outside of our replica Ring or 'little One' ring for ring sizes 5 and above.


Try the english-to-elvish translator to see what your custom message could look like engraved in Elvish.


NB: Add this item twice to specify engraving on both sides of a ring.

NBB: We can engrave most anything you can think of on the ring with symbols and characters etc BUT the one thing that we CANNOT do for legal reasons is engrave the Black Speech inscription that is used on our licensed The One Ring rings.  If you must have that particular inscription then you should purchase one of our official products

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Choose your engraving

How to choose your engraving

You can choose any engraving. Make sure you choose Both Sides if you want engraving on the inside and outside.

A default engraving is suggested, but you can pick whatever engraving style and message makes the ring perfect for you. 

For signet ring engraving with a custom Top face design select Top or Both Top and Inside and place your order.  We will then contact you by email and work with you to finalize the engraving design - don't worry we won't engrave or send a signet ring without your sign off. 

We CANNOT for legal reasons engrave the same Black Speech script that features on our licensed The One Ring designs.  Other messages in elvish or any other language are ok, of course.

If you have a special engraving request,  first remember to select the right number of sides, single or Both Sides when you place the order, then email us the extra details AFTER placing your order.  Our laser engraver can handle any message, pattern, pictures or symbols desired so long as you are using standard fonts, or can provide a two-tone (e.g. Black & White) image file AND there is enough room for your message to fit on the piece.  


Your product summary
  • Engraving: Outside Only
  • Outside engraving font: Elvish
  • Outside engraving message: One ring to show our love, One ring to bind us, One ring to seal our love, And forever to entwine us.

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