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A Guy's Guide

Why She Was Happy…

Lifetime guarantee

With a lifetime guarantee, you can always trust in Jens Hansen’s workmanship, ensuring her Jens Hansen jewellery is enjoyed now, and by future generations. All our jewellery, new and original, carries the studio signature, which is your lifetime guarantee of workmanship.


Jens Hansen is Nelson’s most established and only internationally acclaimed artisan jewellery workshop.

We will remember that date you are best not to forget

The Jens Hansen team is here to make you look good (and to make her look great in her jewellery, of course). You can choose to receive a reminder phone call every anniversary or before her birthday. We can also keep an eye on what your special someone has been eyeing up in our studio workshop and let you know, to take the guess work out of it.

Specialising in Custom Design

Get the perfect fit and style for her by getting something custom made. Tell us everything you can about the person you are buying for. All you will have to say is, “I got it from Jens Hansen.”

It’s a Jens Hansen

As an artist and a sculptor, Jens’ hand-forged jewellery designs are easily recognised and crafted to last, making them universally desirable. Jens passed away in 1999, but his legacy and style lives on in the hands of our internationally experienced artisan jewellers.

Here are some Happy Men that got it right…


A Guy's Guide For Buying Jewellery

How much do I spend?

This depends on what you are buying and the occasion. For an engagement ring, you'll hear that you should spend two to three months' salary on a ring. The team at Jens Hansen recommend spending what you can afford, knowing that it is an investment, (that is how she will see it) and as a Jens Hansen piece she will love it. We have finance options available.

How do I make sure it fits?

Beg, borrow and steal if you have to…her rings that is. Don't guess her size, borrow one of her rings and bring it in so we can get the size exactly right. We also have an online ring size guide if you haven’t got access to her rings. Another idea is to take photos of the contents of her jewellery box so you can show us exactly what she likes. 

The Diamond

At Jens Hansen, our diamonds are not only Riente Diamonds™, cut for visibly greater sparkle, but we also don’t tend to go to a colour grade below D-F grade for white gold and platinum or G-H for yellow gold settings. Meaning, you know you are getting quality at Jens Hansen. There are other things to consider when buying a diamond, often known as “The Four Cs” — carat, cut, colour, and clarity – and our diamond experts can talk you through these. 

Knowing What To Buy For Her

Ever wondered if her best friend knows more than you? When it comes to her jewellery style this may be the case. If her friends can keep a secret, find out if she has dropped any hints - because she most likely has. Her best friend could also help you find out what pieces she likes best, such as earrings, rings or necklaces; what colour or type of stone she loves; and what metals to choose, such as yellow, white or rose gold, silver or platinum. Once you are armed with some background information, let us know what the occasion is and we can make sure you get the right gift.

What if she doesn't like it? If you are worried she won’t like it, why not gift her with her favourite precious gem that she can design any which way she pleases through a private consultation in our Jens Hansen consultation space? We will package it beautifully for you in our custom-designed Jens Hansen packaging.