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Guide To Elvish Weddings

There are many ways to plan a beautiful, evocative Elvish wedding and the ideas here can be mixed and matched to help you create your own unforgettable day. What’s important is that you follow your heart so your wedding will reflect the unique love you and your beloved share. This is your day, and you can shape it exactly as you want.

The Beauty Of An Elvish Wedding

An Elvish wedding is especially romantic. Often held in a peaceful woodsy location or indoors with lots of plants and flowers, an Elvish wedding has an otherworldly feel -- there’s a sense that our regular lives have been put aside and replaced by a realm filled with magical charm. The mystical beauty of Elvish wedding clothes and the entrancing language of the vows and rituals create an unforgettable experience.

World’s Most Beautiful Elvish Engagement and Wedding Rings

For lovers of Elven lore, it’s deeply meaningful to choose and wear engraved Elvish engagement and wedding rings, and our Jens Hansen jewellers help couples all over the world make their precious selections.  Our photo archives are full of happy lovers showing off their gorgeous rings and some of those photos are taken in actual Lord of the Rings movie locations in New Zealand! 

Some clients prefer to design their own Elvish-style rings and work closely with our custom ring specialists, others choose from our classic designs which they personalise with unique engravings in Elvish or the language of their choice. There are no rules -- what matters is that you choose rings that best speak to your own personal language of love. 

View our beautiful range of Elvish engagement and wedding rings.

Elvish Wedding Clothes

Ethereal and extraordinarily beautiful with medieval design touches, an Elvish bride’s wedding dress can feature trailing, semi-sheer bell sleeves, lace and embroidery on a fitted, dropped-waist bodice, a flowing skirt, and in her hair fresh flowers or a simple tiara.  Elvish clothing for the groom can incorporate elaborate knee-length tunics or coats with braiding, stitching and buttons, as well as capes, waist sashes and long boots.  There are many wonderful Elvish-style designs on the internet so prepare to be inspired. 


Create An Enchanting Elvish Wedding Scene

Creating an unforgettable Elvish wedding is about keeping romance at the heart of every planning decision.  Start the magic by designing wedding invitations featuring Elvish words and, instead of the usual cards in envelopes, roll them into scrolls and tie with silk.  If your ceremony is outside, use the natural beauty of your surroundings to enhance the woodland theme -- twine ribbons around trees and string plenty of fairy lights for a charming twinkly effect.

If you’re marrying indoors, create your own ethereal forest with plenty of potted plants, small trees and flower arrangements, and talk to your florist about creating a canopy of branches.  Tables can be beautifully and simply decorated with lots of tea light candles, trailing greenery, scattered rose petals, posies of flowers and place names calligraphed on little rocks for guests’ take-home gifts.  There are so many lovely ways to make your day memorable; take your time and choose what best represents your love.