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2016 Legacy Sails Bracelet   - Jens Hansen - 1 2016 Legacy Bracelet A6, Sterling Silver 2016 Legacy Sails Bracelet   - Jens Hansen - 2 2016 Legacy Sails Bracelet   - Jens Hansen - 3 2016 Legacy Sails Bracelet   - Jens Hansen - 4 2016 Legacy Bracelet A6, Sterling Silver 2016 Legacy Bracelet A6, Sterling Silver

2016 Legacy Bracelet A6, Sterling Silver

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Jens thrived on experimentation, working to create beautiful and interesting forms from the raw materials used in jewellery making.  This solid silver bracelet, included in the Legacy Collection in 2016, is a partner to the asymmetrical hook earrings selected for the 2015 Legacy Collection Special Edition Release.  The bracelets's mid-century design comprises two identical solid silver segments held together perfectly with hand-made chain links.

The Legacy Collection is a selection of authentic designs recreated from the Jens Hansen workshops original production notes, each bearing the special edition hallmark and a unique serial number.

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How to choose the right metal: Silver
Silver is a popular metal. Like gold, pure silver is too soft to be used in jewellery, so it is combined with alloy metals. It is the most affordable of the precious metals. 

Sterling silver can range from bright white to grey white, and can have a matte or shiny finish and must contain at least 92.5% pure silver (which you will see printed as 925 on silver jewellery).  

While silver looks the part, it is easy to damage and better suited for occasional wear. 

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    • SKU: A6
    • Metal Quality: Sterling Silver
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    Regular price US$690.00

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