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September's Sapphire

September's Sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the traditional gifting gem for 5th and 45th anniversaries. It is known as one of the Big 3 coloured stones along with Ruby and Emerald.

Traditionally, sapphire symbolises nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. In ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens were convinced that blue sapphires protected their owners from envy and harm.

The Sapphires extraordinary colour is the standard against which other blue gems are measured. Other colours of Sapphire available on the market are green, violet, yellow, orange, purple and pink. These varieties are known as “fancy sapphires”. Sapphires can also be found in black, grey and brown.

When a sapphire is a orange/pink colour this is called padparadscha, which means “lotus flower” in Sinhalese,

Both blue and fancy sapphires come from a variety of exotic sources including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia.

See below to view some of our favourite Sapphire designs.

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