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How to choose the right diamond: Cut


Of the four aspects, it is the cut that gives the diamond most of its sparkle. The more “facets,” or surfaces that reflect the light, the greater the sparkle.

In 1919, a mathematician discovered the angles and proportions to cut a round diamond for excellent brilliance and “fire.” This lead to the classic 58 facet cut that most diamonds now have.

More recently a new scientifically calculated method has created even greater sparkle and “fire”. These Riente DiamondsTM use 74 facets and are visibly superior.

If you can, we recommend selecting a Riente DiamondTM for maximum sparkle. There are a variety of different diamond shapes. Whichever you end up choosing, make sure it has been cut by a skilled jeweller. A poorly cut diamond does not look as good or have the same value.

See below for some of our favourite diamond designs.