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How to choose the right diamond: colour

Diamonds come in a wide range of different colours.

There is some confusion over the value of coloured versus non-coloured diamonds. Some people believe that the colour adds value; others believe that a totally colourless diamond is the most valuable.

The fact is that value differs depending on the colour. Brown, grey, yellow and orange diamonds are often less valuable, whereas some pink diamonds are more expensive and red is the rarest and most valuable of all.

The colour of a diamond is ranked on a scale from ‘D' down to ‘Z'. A ‘D' colour is the top colour grade (colourless) and a ‘Z' - would mean that stone has a noticeable tint of colour, typically yellow. If the colour saturation for the stone is graded higher than a Z then this is graded as a Fancy Coloured Diamond. These diamonds can be more valuable and the most common colours found are yellow and brown. Pink, blue and red are a lot more rare.

When choosing the colour of a diamond, just choose what you love the most!

TIP. As a rule of thumb, always look for a colour grade of G or better. If in doubt consult with a diamond expert, or feel free to give us a call on +64 3 5480640 and ask.