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How to Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring on a Budget

Find the perfect ring for your budget with these tips.

You are ready to propose but you are missing one key piece to the puzzle, the perfect engagement ring. The purchase of an engagement ring is a large investment and with so many options and price ranges, it is easy to feel lost in the sea of possibilities. If you have not taken a moment to do so; review the Jens Hansen's 2020 Engagement Ring Buyers Guide; where you will learn everything there is to know and consider when making an engagement ring selection. Now we will discuss how Jens Hansen's can help you find the right engagement ring for your budget.

Plan Your Budget

The first step before beginning your engagement ring shopping should be to take a moment and decide on your budget. It is absolutely possible to purchase an affordable, yet unique and beautiful engagement ring for your loved one. At Jens Hansen we offer engagement ring options beginning at just $549.

Research Your Preferences

When making an engagement ring purchase with a budget in mind it is best to do as much research as possible. Do not just focus on researching cost, but also keep in mind your partner's preferences. Make a list of what characteristics you would like in the ring such as the diamond shape, colour, metal, carats, and setting. Knowing what to look for will help you greatly in narrowing down your selections and researching options to keep you within your budget.

Set Your Priorities 

Decide ahead of time what is most important to you about the engagement ring. You have made a list delineating your wants and now you must take a moment to prioritize those wants. Prioritizing the engagement ring's characteristics will allow you to focus and hone in on the rings that are most likely to be the one for your loved one. As you weigh your priorities against your budget, you may not find a ring that meets every item on your list. Knowing what is most important to you, will allow you to keep your options open and find the often unexpected perfect engagement ring.

Take Some Time

It is important to not rush through the process of purchasing an engagement ring. This is a large financial purchase that will last a lifetime. It is worth taking the extra time to research and browse to find the right ring for your engagement with your special someone.

Get Help from a Professional

Take advantage of Jens Hansen's free personal consultation over the phone, in person, or online to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly jewellery professional that can help you go over your options and discuss the possibilities of designing your custom engagement ring within your budget requirements.

Our team at Jens Hansen is experienced in helping our customers successfully find the engagement ring that is right for them. With our workmanship and satisfaction guarantee coupled with our various shipping options around the globe, you can feel secure in knowing we can help you get the ring of your dreams to your doorstep. 

About Jens Hansen

At Jens Hansen, our reputation is unmatched as Nelson's most established and only internationally recognized artisan jewellery shop in New Zealand. We take great pride in the craftsmanship and originality of our unique jewellery pieces. Jen Hansen has been creating beautiful jewellery since 1962 and has become an acclaimed international jeweller with satisfied customers around the globe. Many of our international customers have come to know us for our The One Ring collection, home to The World's Most Famous Ring designed and created by us for the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.