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“Everywhere I go, no matter which one I am wearing, people say to me “I love your ring.”

Pat Field


In the 70’s and 80’s everyone knew Jens. He was new to town and he was innovative. His jewellery was very different, much more flamboyant than anything else around. Before then it seems like it was all pretty, little gold rings with little diamonds.

My husband and I were quite friendly with a radio officer who worked on a ship. He was building a house out in Richmond. He said to me that if I chose the carpet for him and organised for it to be done, he would buy me a stone when he was in Colombo. He came back with a blue star sapphire, and Jens custom-designed a ring for me incorporating the stone. It’s very striking. I also have a custom-made Jens Hansen gold ring with a little blue star sapphire and a diamond.

The diamond came from a ring that was left behind at our house when the kids were teenagers. We had gone away for the weekend and the kids had a party. Someone went through the house and stole things, like a beautiful jacket of my husband’s. When I went into the bedroom, there was a little diamond ring and an old brooch lying there that
someone must have left behind. We handed it in to the police and after six months no one had claimed it, so we were given it.

The blue star sapphire came from a pretty, little ring my mother-in-law gave me. Jens incorporated both stones into a new piece for me. It looks lovely worn together with my other blue star sapphire ring and a plain gold band in between.
My husband gave me a silver bangle for our 25th wedding anniversary in 1981. He knew by then that I loved Jens’ jewellery. I still wear the bangle.

I’ve also got an aquamarine ring made by Jens. I bought it in the late 70s or early 80s when I was working as a teacher – I wanted something special. Jens was in the shop and talked with me, suggesting what could work. I picked out the stone and said I wanted something plain and biggish, I don’t really have dainty hands. He designed it, and I love it.

Everywhere I go, no matter which one I am wearing, people say to me “I love your ring.”