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The One Ring Sculpture in NZ

Lord of the Rings Movies Information News Archives: "The One Ring Sculpture in NZ
9/13/03, 1:41 pm EST - Xoanon

The One Ring Sculpture in NZ Jens Hansen Jewellers
The One Ring Sculpture

The One Ring Sculpture
Jens and Thorkild Hansen wrote to us with details on the creation of a One Ring sculpture on permanent display at the World of Wearable Arts Complex in Nelson, New Zealand. The 2kg, 6 inch in diameter scale replica of the One Ring was turned from steel, hand polished and richly plated with 5 microns of 18ct gold. The approx. 1ft square cube weighs 42kg and was hewn from an 8 tonne greenstone boulder that had been heli-lifted from Awaroa Point in South Westland. The ring sits atop a massive pounamu river cobble which came from the headwaters of the Arahua river. [See this Link for More]"