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Danish Movie Ring Wedding for the man with the day job in Greenland

I just had to share this heart warming email I just received from Ken in Denmark. (reproduced with his permission).

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Hello Halfdan

"something happen in the state of Denmark"

I want to thank u again for the most beautiful job u have done with the 2 wedding rings.

On the 09-17-2005 I married my former Fiancee, now wife Christina by a surprise.

My sister and I had a done a mayor job to make it happen.

Everything was in place Christina's wedding dress, dinner, church etc etc.In the morning all the invited guests arrived, and made a surprise wake up call and when the guest had entered the flat, I proposed, and lucky me

C...... said Yes to marry me.

At 16:00 same day we arrived to the church, to give our Yes to each other. So I am the most excited person in the world. And then party party party.

And u don't believe it my wife Is 6 month pregnant with twins....
And I live and work in Greenland ..........not good.

But thanks again.

Kind Regards

Ken J - Greenland