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 … and you can get it from us here at Jens Hansen! We’ve been collaborating with Weta Workshops to produce the newest official One Ring, and Frodo’s Sterling Silver Chain.  
Designed by us, this ring is the exact shape of the one we originally created for Peter Jackson’s films. It is created in gold plated Tungsten Carbide, and carries the Jens Hansen, Weta, and Newline Cinema hallmarks. It is engraved with the elvish script. 
The Sterling Silver Chain is an exact replica of the 25 inch (65 cm) chain we designed for Frodo to carry The One Ring around his neck. 
We’re excited to be able to offer the One Ring and Chain directly from Jens Hansen here in Nelson, New Zealand. 
Weta’s first order of these products have already sold out, so if you want to secure your own, particularly if you would like them before the Hobbit premiere or for Christmas, we recommend that you order now!