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NZ's first Signature 74 Diamond goes to Love Stories winners

Congratulations Lara and Sam!

Lara Conyers and Sam Harris, the winners of Jens Hansen Love Stories 2013, have announced their engagement! And they have a very special engagement ring...
NZ's first Signature 74 Diamond goes to Love Stories winners
Showing off the new ring
Lara's ring is the first in New Zealand to be set with a Signature 47 diamond, a unique gem that has 74 cut facets, giving it amazing sparkle. 
Lara says there was an unspoken understanding that the Jens Hansen diamond prize was going to be for an engagement ring.
“We didn’t really talk about getting engaged – we just knew that we would be having a diamond engagement ring made with our Love Story diamond prize,” Lara says. “We’ve been together since we were 13, so getting engaged now was just natural.
“Halfdan suggested the Signature 74™ diamond, and we thought it was very symbolic of our relationship,” she says. “Not many couples, who met when they were so young, have gone on to get married, so we think our relationship is pretty unique– and of course every girl wants something special, and our diamond is the first of its kind to be set in a ring in New Zealand.
The Signature 74™ diamond has 74 facets, while most round brilliant diamonds have just 58 facets.  The patented cutting technique of the Signature 74™ maximises the amount of light reflected, intensifying the diamond’s brilliance and fire. This gives it incredible sparkle!
The Signature 74 diamond, set in a classic Jens Hansen design of yellow gold.

“We fell in love with the diamond immediately, and then had to choose the ring design. I put this one on, and knew it was right; it was kind of an impulse buy. Every other ring is lovely, but this one really had a strong pull for us. It is simple and elegant, and I love the profile!”
The couple’s romantic story started in England after Sam fell for Lara at first sight, but respectfully kept his distance because his best friend also liked her. It wasn’t until Sam saved his friend from an oncoming car that he was allowed to ask her on a date. The couple was then forced apart after Lara’s family moved to New Zealand.  Sam promised to follow Lara when he finished school, and after speaking on the phone every day for nine months, Sam boarded a plane to New Zealand to start their new life together. Now engaged, they are planning a celebratory trip to Rome later this year.
The happy couple!