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It's Leap Day - will you marry me?

We were recently honored to help a local woman to take advantage of the fact it is Leap Day to propose to the man of her dreams.

Would he say yes or would he run for the hills?

New Zealand's Television 3 Campbell Live show was there to witness the romance and drama of leap day.

A woman has to look her best on the day she is going to seize the day and ask the man of her dreams to marry her.

So she is decided to propose to Dean on national television - which is very love struck and very bold.

Hannah was organised, and asked Jens Hansen to make a fitting wedding band to propose with.

Hannah's been with Dean for eight years, but he has been too slow to propose.

So she is reaching back to Irish folklore which says a woman can propose on a Leap Day February 29.

It is living breathing romantic proof that every so often a woman needs to take a leap of faith.