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'One Ring' May Be Headed For Museum

The full-size limited edition Jens Hansen replica of Sauron's Ring is being given the VIP treatment in Eureka, CA.

"The city of Eureka is in the process of working out plans with the Humboldt Arts Council for it to borrow the 'One Ring,' which was given to the city in March.

The ring was given to Eureka Mayor Peter La Vallee by Nelson, New Zealand Mayor Paul Matheson during his delegation's visit to the city to sign the Eureka-Nelson sister-city agreement. "
see Link for full story... or Click here for article archive in .pdf
HHansen (noreply@blogger.com)
HHansen (noreply@blogger.com)


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*Jens Hansen – Gold & Silversmith is the designer and maker of The Movie Ring (the rings made for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies), the ONE Ring(s) (made exclusively for Weta Workshop under their license from Warner Bros.) and The Jens Hansen Replica Ring (the replica rings available from Jens Hansen – Gold & Silversmith). Jens Hansen is not otherwise authorised, endorsed, affiliated or otherwise associated with Tolkein Enterprises, The Saul Zaentz Company (owner of the trade marks LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT and THE ONE RING), New Line Productions or Warner Bros.

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