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Jens Hansen's Nephew & Namesake Meets Queen of Denmark

We are very proud to report on the recent progress of Nelson born jeweller Jens Winter-Glasgow. Named after his uncle Jens Hansen, Winter-Glasgow started his jewellery career in our workshop. After a few years he left Nelson to retrace his heritage in the ancestral homeland of Denmark. There he was fortunate enough to win a place as an apprentice with the world famous jewelry firm of Georg Jensen at their artisans workshop in the town of Kolding.

Runner Up Goldsmith Apprentice of The Year Denmark 2008

On 14th May 2008 Jens Winter-Glasgow graduated at a ceremony at the Town hall in Copenhagen.


It was attended by HM the Queen of Denmark, HRH the prince consort and the Major of Copenhagen, as well as a large number of guests.

The ceremony is held once every year for all newly finished tradesmen who achieved good grades.
People who achieve 12(the highest grade achievable) get a silver medal, gold medals don't exist, and people who achieve 10(the second highest grade) get bronze.

Shaking Hands With The Queen of Denmark


The Medal

The tradesmen graduating in 2008 were from 24 different trades, everything from hairdressers to bookbinders. Of the 133 people that received medals, only 4 where goldsmiths. The goldsmiths all received bronze medals, no jeweller has actually received silver medal yet by the way.


The medal says "When seriousness and truth combine/join with diligence the goal is reached"

The english translation of the papers that accompanied the medal said:
"The Copenhagen Association of artisans notifies that the journeyman, Jens Erling Winter-Glasgow, has obtained the certificate of apprenticeship of his trade.
The judging committee of the branch has found his work exceedingly well affected. Upon the proposition of the committee, which has been recommended by the competent organisation of masters in Copenhagen, the association of artisans, wishing to reward the young journeyman's diligence and skill, to acknowledge his good behaviour during his apprenticeship and to encourage him to continual progress, has granted him its bronze medal.
HHansen (noreply@blogger.com)
HHansen (noreply@blogger.com)


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